New blog, new company.

A couple of new and exciting things happening at the moment. Firstly I decided it's time I started blogging again, mostly to write about stuff I've been working on. I really enjoy my work, even if sometimes it's quite challenging. I never do anything to document it though, and firstly I'll forget how I did things and secondly other developers might benefit from learning how I solved various problems.

Why not WordPress?

I live, breathe, even dream WordPress. As much as I love it, and can do pretty much anything with it, I decided it was time to learn something new. So I'm using Statamic for my website. It's a 'flat file' CMS with no database. I like the simplicity of it, yet it has the possibility to be complex with it's hooks and API. I look forward to learning more about building templates for it.

In other news...

Secondly, and more excitingly, as of September 1st I'll be trading as a Limited Company. Apart from the benefit of saving tax and NI, it also means I keep my business totally separate from my personal finances. It all makes a lot of sense. There's more paperwork involved and payroll to do, but luckily I have awesome accountants who will do all that for me. It's also a good excuse for a revamp of my existing business website and logo, more on that in the next couple of weeks.

So watch this space, I've got lots of ideas of things to blog about.

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