Types and Views vs Advanced Custom Fields

I've been using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) for a few years now. I've seen it evolve into a very useful plugin indeed. In the past year I've been introduced to Toolset's Types and Views plugins, as I've built themes for nearly 50 website that use them extensively.

As a developer, I'm usually drawn to code-oriented solutions for things like custom fields and ACF suited me very well in that respect. Types and Views requires very little coding (and nothing too tricky), and is more suited to non-developers.

Types and Views: Pros and cons


  • Great for non-developers
  • Very flexible and customisable with custom post types, pretty much any content structure can be set up and used in many ways
  • 100% compatible with the multilingual plugin WPML, as written by the same developer


  • Can be a learning curve to get used to displaying custom field content in the Views. Slightly fiddly shortcodes, that as a developer I find easier to implement the same logic with PHP
  • No repeater field, so the same level of more complex nested repeating fields not available in the same way they are in ACF

Advanced Custom Fields: Pros and cons


  • Easy to set up custom fields
  • Extremely flexible, especially with the repeater field
  • Great for developers, as getting field values and looping through them is easy with PHP. Therefore easy to apply specific logic
  • Works well with WPML 99% of the time (only because they are written by different developers, so 100% compatibility isn't a given)


  • Not so good for non-developers, or those with little PHP knowledge, as coding is required to use the custom fields
  • No support for adding custom post types, this still has to be done another way such as register_post_type() in functions.php

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